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Travel to Ukraine: 10 reasons to visit Ukraine

Modern world became much smaller due the developing of science and high-tech. The newest technologies and ways of transportation made a dream about easy traveling all around the world come true. But what makes people travel? What do they seek? Deeply in the heart, every human is a creative creature, needing to find something that helps to bring his creative side to life. All people are different, so somebody seeks new impressions, or wisdom and knowledge; somebody makes new friends or seeks the soul mate to create the long hoped-for family. Somebody prefers to seek these things in his homeland and somebody is certain that all these things can be found while traveling to another country and learning its customs and people. Ukraine is a magnificent country with incredible rich ancient history, culture and hospitable and kind people. Best Service for speed dating in Ukraine for foreigners.

What can travel to Ukraine give to the one who is seeking for something?

Lovely and adorable girls
1. Lovely and adorable girls. Ukrainian girls possess unique outer natural beauty and purity combined with deep and rich personality. They are kind, open, easygoing and trustful. With calm, tolerant and open-minded nature they always see the glass as half full also trying to avoid any misunderstanding and smooth out the rough edges in relations. Being family-oriented persons they pay a lot of attention to building a solid family based on mutual understanding, respect, feelings and love.
Hospitable and welcoming people
2. Hospitable and welcoming people. People of Ukraine are kind-hearted and open, always ready to help to those who are in need. Many of them are able to speak enough good English, or any other foreign language, and certain that proper communication is a key to good relations between people that’s why the traveler will not feel himself lonely as if he was in unfamiliar surroundings.
Beautiful nature
3. Beautiful nature. Ukrainian nature is splendid and diverse – large flat plains in the South and East, mountains in the West and Crimea, forests in the North. Over the centuries it inspirited great Ukrainian writers such as Shevchenko, Gogol, Kotliarevskyi, whose compositions are filled with delight and admiration of its charm and beauty. Endless fields covered with ripening spikes of wheat and sunflowers, slowly moving from light summer warm wind like a wave of fairy golden sea, will leave nobody indifferent. 
Delicious cuisine
4. Delicious cuisine. The cuisine of Ukraine is tasty and nourishing, mostly consisting of meat and fish dishes with different vegetables. Ukrainian national meal is cons idered to be "borsch” and "varenyki”.  Borsch is a kind of appetizing soup cooked using several kinds of meat (as a rule, pork, beef and chicken) with various vegetables (potato, beans, carrot, beetroot, cabbage, onion, tomatoes). It is usually served with pampushki – specially baked bread with garlic sauce. Varenyki is pieces of cooked dough with different stuffing (meat, potato, cheese, fruits) usually serving with sour cream. 
Ethnos and customs
5. Ethnos and customs. Ukrainian society is full of centuries-old customs, rites, and practices. The best way to learn some of them is to visit one of the famous ethnic festivities called "Sorochynskyi Yarmarok” usually held in August. This event has long and rich history being well-known and very popular on the all territory of Ukraine. Special festival activities usually take place in the small village Velyki Sorochyntsi near big city Poltava. It is filled with different presentations, selling national style souvenirs and crafts; lots of various foodstuffs including homemade meal; performances presenting national Ukrainian customs and clothes, musical and dance shows with gopak (traditional Ukrainian dance).
Museums and exhibitions
6. Museums and exhibitions. Numerous museums in Ukraine provide wonderful opportunity to learn more about the rich history and culture of Ukrainian nation and state since the ancient time till nowadays. Also on the territory of Ukraine, there are many outdoor ethnic museums reconstructing buildings, utensils and domestic appliances, surrounding, also the manner of life of the people living in that area many centuries ago. Different art galleries and exhibitions will show the examples of the creativeness of Ukrainian painters and sculptors. Among them, there is a famous museum of clay art and pottery located in the village Opishnya where the visitor can not only enjoy seeing the unique showpieces but also try to make something from clay by himself with the help of local clay masters. 
Cities and towns
7. Cities and towns. Visiting Ukrainian cities and villages is a great ability to see the society and the way of living of Ukrainian people, their sociability, and goodwill. The capital city is Kyiv and the largest cities of Ukraine are Lviv, Odesa, Dnipro, Kharkiv. Kyiv is a modern and beautiful city located on the both sides of the largest river of Ukraine called the Dnipro. Visitors can enjoy the calm and relaxed atmosphere of numerous nice restaurants and cafes with Ukrainian dishes, take a walk in green and picturesque city parks and squares, take part in different entertainment activities, attend cinemas, theaters, and nightclubs. 
Historical places and archeological sites
8. Historical places and archeological sites. Over several thousand years of history of Ukraine, different nations and people lived on its territory leaving a variety of architectural monuments and historical sites. Visiting the places belonging to different ages will bring an unforgettable experience of learning and touching the astonishing past of the country and nation. Among the most famous are archeological sites of settlements of Neolithic Trypillian civilization, ruins of ancient Greek colonies Olviia (near town Mykolayiv), Khersones (located in Crimea and enlisted in UNESCO world heritage list), Khotyn Fortress (town Khotyn), Vysokyi Zamok (the castle in Lviv) and many others. 
Two Seas
9. Two Seas. The Southern part of Ukraine, including Crimean peninsula, is located on the shores of Black Sea and Azov Sea. Beach lovers will be pleasantly surprised by nature’s conditions and numerous enjoyable capabilities of spending time at the seashore. The Black Sea got its name because of the color of the water – it is almost black colored while bad weather and storms, though the water by itself is clean and transparent. The sea water is considered to be the less salty among water of other world seas. Hot summer sun and fresh salty wind will leave the marvelous suntan on the bodies of beach fans. 
10. Mountains. Mountains are covered the Western part of Ukraine and the Southern part of Crimean peninsula offering breathtaking natural landscapes, clean mountain air and numerous benefits for those who enjoy the active way of living and mountain tourism. Different hiking routes, laid exactly in the heart of mysterious Carpathian Mountains, not only allow enjoying the beauty of wild and untouched nature but also will be highly beneficial for the health. Many small and cozy hotels and motels, built in national Ukrainian style, will make staying there comfortable and pleasant. Well-known modern equipped winter ski resorts with clean and sparkling snow are waiting for their visitors.
Country of Ukraine is like a real lady – beautiful, open, kind and sincere, always welcoming the visitors and ready to share all her natural beauty, ancient history, rich culture with those who appreciate it. 
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