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English Teaching Success Stories

We often don't know for sure whether our service for native language teachers has helped people find work teaching in Ukraine, but sometimes people write to tell us how things are going, or we hear about them through the grapevine. We know of a number of people who found teaching work through TryUkraine and spent a year or more teaching. In addition, here are some letters from clients:

April 9, 2014
Thank you so much for your prompt action. The service was highly beneficial. I had a Skype interview in November and was in Kiev in December. Recent political tensions have persuaded me to remain in the USA. I will certainly consider your service again with the passage of time.
Kind regards,

March 13, 2012
Hello Nellie,
TryUkraine made me feel the most wonderful experience of my life! I got lots of contacts and I taught within 2 different organizations in French and English in addition to teach private lessons to individuals.
Best regards,
Alain B.

January 26, 2012
I landed some job, it is 3 times a week. I am impressed by the result within such a short time. I hope to get more classes!
Regards! Victor.

November 19, 2010
(from a language school; translation from Ukrainian)
Thank you for your service!!!
I am in correspondence with two natives that I found today on the site )))
Natalya L.

November 7, 2010

I want to thank you again for not only such an informative website but also your advertised service for teachers looking for work. Within a few days of posting my CV with your site, I was contacted by a company and eventually received a job offer that I accepted and am completely happy with. I have my business visa and I'm just about ready to fly. I'll be arriving in Kiev next week. I would never have this job if it weren't for the invaluable service you provide. All the best to you!

David M.

August 21, 2010
Dear Rick,

Thank you so much for posting my resume! I was recently offered a teaching position in Odessa which exceeds my expectations, indeed, Native English speaking teachers are in demand. Thank you for posting my resume as that is how the school found me. I will be locating to Odessa next week and begin work the week after so you can remove my information whenever you wish. Thank you again, this was a really pleasant surprise. For those people who haven’t heard from anywhere before the end of August, the hiring really DOES start at the end of August and it is fast and furious, I was offered several positions within a couple days. The next time I’m in Kiev I should buy you and your wife a drink.

Thank you again,

Andrew B.

April 28, 2008
Hello Rick,
I have used your service before, and have decided to repost my resume and information on your site. It worked out very well the last time for me, and I am ready to return. I have included the resume, application, and a photo for you to use in posting me.
I appreciate your service and help.
Phil F.

July 15, 2007
Hi Rick,
Thank you for removing my info. The position i am currently in is a Business English teacher to a pharmaceutical company in Kiev Ukraine. I train doctors in the marketing, finance and sales fields. It is a very challenging position but greatly beneficial for me. In a nut shell, i am having a great time and all thanks to your site!
Thanks again,
Niall P.

July 2, 2007
Dear Rick,
Hi.  I just wanted to thank you for helping me land a good job with a school in Kyiv teaching English.  I learned about my new job opportunity on June 26.  I am thrilled and hopeful that everything works out for my employer, ----- (name removed) and me.
Plus, I am currently taking the TEFL course and doing quite well.  This should help my ability to teach English in Kyiv.
... (two weeks later)
Hi.  I just wanted you to know that I took and passed the TEFL course.  Attached is a PDF of my certificate of achievement.  Thank you again, Rick, for all your help in getting me started with a career in teaching English abroad!
Best regards,
Andrew S.