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Ukrainian Language Resources

Elsewhere at we have discussed issues of language usage in Ukraine — where it makes more sense to learn to speak Ukrainian, and where you would want to know Russian. If it is Ukrainian you need, the following products will be very useful:


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Ukrainian language courses

For a language as unrelated to English as Ukrainian, it really is necessary to get a course with a strong audio component (i.e. conversations in the language by native speakers). Books without audio are useful after you have a reasonable mastery of the language and need to expand your vocabulary.

Pimsleur Ukrainian Language Program

Expensive, but effective language course with a strong audio emphasis. Has received high reviews.

Everyday Ukrainian

Audio part (CDs or cassettes sold separately). Seems like a serious and well-organized course.

Teach Yourself Ukrainian Course

For beginners and lower intermediates. A respected language series. Two CD-ROMs.

Learn Ukrainian - Beginning Level

Covers basic vocabulary, but not specifically travel-oriented. One CD-ROM. 

Colloquial Ukrainian

Seems like a decent course. Audio part (CD or cassettes) come separately and cost about the same as the textbook.

Ukrainian phrasebooks

Phrasebooks are generally useful only after you have an elementary knowledge of the language (or at least pronunciation) because they don't indicate clearly how to say the words. Otherwise, the chances of people understanding what you say are slim. On the other hand, phrasebooks can help decipher the cyrillic alphabet and figure out what signs say. And you can always point to a phrase in the book when you're trying to get something across to people.

Lonely Planet Ukrainian Phrasebook

Highly acclaimed phrasebook.

LingvoSoft PhraseBook for Pocket PC

3000 frequently used phrases broken down by subject matter. Very handy!
*NOTE: This Ukrainian phrasebook is also available in Dutch, German, French, Greek, and many other languages.

Ukrainian grammar

All Ukrainian language course also have grammar information, so buying separate grammar resources is only necessary for those who wish to attain a high level of mastery. At this level, you will also be able to read the Ukrainian grammar books in Ukrainian (or Russian) that are sold in Ukraine for much less money.

Ukrainian: A Comprehensive Grammar

Looks like an excellent grammar resource for serious students of Ukrainian. Claims to be the only resource of its kind (not hard to believe).

Modern Ukrainian

An academic-style grammar course that is broken into lessons.

Ukrainian-English dictionaries

Ukrainian-English and English-Ukrainian dictionaries have always been a real scarcity. The dictionaries that are available lack examples of usage and often do not indicate morphological changes, which creates significant difficulties in mastering the language. None of the paper dictionaries available are highly acclaimed, so I will not comment on them, but will only show the titles. Keep in mind that most language courses include a dictionary of sorts.

LingvoSoft English <-> Ukrainian Dictionary for Pocket PC

400,000 words make this dictionary a leader in the field. If you have a pocket PC, this is a real bargain and a great convenience.

Paper Dictionaries 

Electronic language aids

Some people are really into these gadgets and find them extremely useful, while others can't imagine themselves ever using them.

Ukrainian <-> English Talking Electronic Dictionary and English - Ukrainian Audio Travel PhraseBook

Comes with a 10 language travel translator in addition to Ukrainian. For the sophisticated traveler! 

Ukrainian English Ukrainian Audio Travel Phrasebook and Electronic Translator

This device substitutes for an interpreter for most standard travel situations.

Cyrillic keyboard stickers

If you need to type in Ukrainian or Russian, these stickers are a must! Otherwise, in Ukraine you can buy keyboards with both Latin and Cyrillic letters for $5 USD and up.

Blue Transparent Cyrillic Keyboard Stickers

This product has not only all the Russian letters, but also characters specific to Ukrainian, Belorussian, and Central Asian languages that use the Cyrillic alphabet.

Red Transparent Cyrillic Keyboard Stickers

The same thing, only in a reddish hue.

Ukrainian language resources for sale at eBay

Here is a chance to buy the same language resources at a lower cost by participating in eBay auctions.