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» Cities » Zhytomyr For Tourist. Travel Guide For Foreigners

Zhytomyr Travel Guide

Zhytomyr is the nearest regional center of Ukraine to Kiev. This is a great option for a trip, when there is not much time for other large Ukrainian cities, such as Visiting Ukraine: Tourism in Zaporizzya or Welcome To Kryvyy Rih Ukraine: Travel Guide For Tourists. It is unlikely to fall in love at first sight with this city, but having got acquainted with the it, you will not remain without positive emotions.

Zhytomyr Weather

The climate is rather worm and soft. Actually it is temperate-marine with subtropical features, with mild winter, relatively long spring and warm often very hot, summer and warm autumn.

Zhytomyr Hotels

The hotels offer cozy one-room, two-room and three-room superior rooms. All hotels have a high-speed, free WI-FI Internet. For fans of thrills, there exist hotels wih a chic Finnish sauna with a pool and brooms. All rooms are equipped with double beds (there are also rooms with separate beds), desks with chairs, wardrobes, flat-screen TVs, air conditioning and autonomous heating, dishes, electric kettles, microwaves, bathrobes and slippers, bathrooms with a shower and a bathroom. The hotels have attentive staff, an upscale service that meets international standards.

The list of hotels:

• Reikartz;
• Alir;
• Petrograd;
• Hermes;
• Dodo SPA Hotel;
• Ukraine.

Zhytomyr Tourist Attractions

• Lviv's "Chocolate Workshop" - a place, where you can start the morning with a cup of hot delicacy.
• The "flat house" (Pobeda sq., 8), which looks like one wall at a certain angle.
• Catholic church of St. Sophia. The cathedral church of St. Sophia recalls the Polish past of Zhitomir. The oldest of the preserved architectural monuments of the city was built in the middle of the XVIII century in the style of the late Renaissance and Baroque. Pinnacles with a clock, a sculpture of the Virgin Mary on the pediment, a monument to Pope John Paul II in memory of his visit to Zhytomyr in 2001. Nowadays Zhytomyr is the main Polish city of Ukraine, where the largest Polish diasporas lives.
• The Church of St. John (1842) are located on the Castle Hill. Nearby is the former house of Zhytomyr Archbishops (today - a large provincial art gallery in Ukraine) and the Cross Exaltation Church. Here is one of the largest churches in Ukraine - the Transfiguration Cathedral, which was erected in 1866-1871 in the Neo-Russian style, as well as the earliest construction of the city - cells of the Jesuit monastery, founded in 1724.
• In Zhytomyr there are interesting museums: the Astronautics Museum and the memorial house-museum of S. Korolev, which are located opposite each other. The house-museum of Academician S. P. Korolev was opened in 1970. In this house the family of the Korolevs lived from 1906 to 1908. The atmosphere of everyday life, which was created by its masters, was preserved in the room. The Museum of Cosmonautics S. Korolev was established in the late 1980s, and today it is the only such museum in Ukraine. The museum, both externally and internally, is designed in a very unusual style. In the exposition of the museum there are samples of lunar soil, spacesuits, units and assemblies of space stations, food of astronauts, photographs.

Zhytomyr Women

Features of Zhytomyr women:
• Sharp mind. The widespread opinion that men are attracted to silly girls is not true. To be in a relationship with a woman with whom it is interesting to spend time, who can support conversation or even teach something new, is much more pleasant than with a special person who can not connect a couple of words. However, as a rule, men try to avoid too clever women, and more than silly women, because they perceive them not as an object of passion, but rather as rivals. A clever woman should be in moderation, well, or must be able to show the man that this is so.
• Wisdom. Unfortunately, most women acquire this quality only with age. A wise woman will not start foolish quarrels, without a reason to roll up scenes of jealousy, arrange interrogations, hysterics and exhaust the man with suspicions. She will support her partner in a difficult moment, will not humiliate his dignity and will take care of his family with all his might.
• Devotion and ability to make friends. According to many men, these are the main features of an ideal Zhytomyr woman. With a woman who always listens, understands, supports, and perhaps shares some interests, a man is unlikely to be parted.

Zhytomyr Nightlife

Nightclubs in Zhytomyr are primarily a meeting place and a rest for students who gather for relaxation after a busy school week. The institutions help get acquainted with new people and to escape from the dull routine. These clubs actually operate in all parts of the city, and there are also quite a few of them on the outskirts - so that loud music does not interfere with the residents of neighboring houses. Suburban nightclubs are transformed into real entertainment complexes, where various leisure options are always available - cozy gazebos, a sauna, a hotel, a restaurant and, of course, a disco.
• Night Club "Maximum";
• Night club "Zig-zag";
• Night club "Oscar";
• Night club "Royal Barrel";
• Cabaret "Podium";
• Night club "Megapolis";
• Night club "Canyon";
• Night club "Atlantis”;
• Night club "Indigo";
• Entertaining complex "Dodo".

Zhytomyr History

The territory of the region was inhabited in the era of the Early Paleolithic. The sites of primitive man were found on the left bank of the River Svinoluzhka and near Radomyshly. At the end of the 1st millennium AD. The territory was inhabited by the East Slavic tribes of the Drevlyans. Further in time it belonged to the 10th-12th centuries. - Kievan Rus, the second half of the 12th century. - Vladimir - Volyn principality, from 1199 - Galicia - Volyn principality, from 1362 - Lithuania, from 1569 (Lublin union) - Poland. After the connection with Russia in 1793 Zhytomyrshchina became part of the Volyn province, established in 1797. The masses participated in the Nalivayko uprising of 1594-96, the liberation war of 1648-54. The modern territory of the region was formed on September 22, 1937. During the Second World War, the forested area of the province was the place of formation of the OUN-UPA detachments that resisted the invaders.