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» Cities » Welcome To Kryvyy Rih Ukraine: Travel Guide For Tourists

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Many Ukrainians and even citizens of other countries know about Kryvyy Rih. But most of them believe that this city is not for tourists. First of all, it is one of the metallurgical centers of Ukraine, which is known far beyond Ukraine. The second highlight is its length - it is the longest city in Europe. Today we will talk about the sights of the city: where to go and what to see in Kryvyy Rih, what makes it attractive in terms of tourism and why it is worth traveling there.

Kryvyy Rih Tourist Attractions

In terms of diversity of attractions the city is really unique. Everyone will find something to do here. This is a perfect place for a romantic person, a theatergoer, and an adventurer.
• The road - for fans of driving in the night city. According to official figures, the city stretched for more than 120 km. To get from one end to the other, you will need about 1.5 hours. The roads in the city are wide, and traffic jams are a rarity. Evening a ride by car is a very romantic event. On hills a beautiful city panorama opens to the visitors. Perhaps, the road is one of the most unusual sights of Kryvyy Rih.
• Careers and mines - for extreme sports enthusiast. In the city there are five quarries and even more mines. There are places where you can drive up and see what the quarry looks like, inside which there is a railway. The scale is really impressive. The excursions are conducted there. The risk of collapse is minimal, since the mine is iron ore.
• "Academy of Motion" - for theatergoers. This is a theater of musical and plastic arts. Here you will find a plastic drama: there is not a word in the productions of the theater, only music, dance and pantomime.
• 44th quarter - Kryvyy Rih "Broadway". Of course, it's very far to Broadway. Nevertheless, this is one of the most striking streets in Kryvyy Rih. All year round, garlands on trees are burning here. The musical fountain with a cozy square, is located nearby.
• Park of Pravda. It is worth visiting the park itself and the boat station. Recently, the park was reconstructed. There is a lot of entertainment for children and adults. Sometimes in the evenings there are free concerts. Fountains, beautiful flower beds, rope park - everything is there.
• Flower clock - for the sefi. This attraction appeared in Kryvyy Rih recently and claims the title of the biggest flower clock in the world.
• Botanical garden - for romantics. Here you spend at least half a day. The garden is really big. From early spring until late autumn, there is always something blossoming here. People like to come here for photo sessions. The highlight of the garden is attached to a suspension bridge and wobbly pathways.

Kryvyy Rih Weather

The city of Kryvyy Rih has a mildly cold climate. Kryvyy Rih has a significant amount of precipitation during the year. This is true even for a dry month. At an average temperature of 22.0 ° C, July is the hottest month of the year. January has the lowest average temperature of the year. This is -4.5 ° C.

Kryvyy Rih Hotels

The city is full of hotels, motels and other apartments. The most popular places to stay are:
• Druzhba Hotel;
• Reikartz Aurora;
• Park House;
• Optimal Hotel Delux;
• Centralny Hotel;
• Mini Hotel Business Class;
• West Hotel;
• Bratislava Hotel.
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Kryvyy Rih Women

All women in Kryvyy Rih are well-groomed and feminine. The woman's grooming consists of many factors: a beautiful hairstyle, competent skin care, a stylish make-up, manicure, a pedicure. These girls will never allow appearing in front of a man in worn-out slippers, greased with a linen gown and with curlers on the head. Femininity is one more important feature of Ukrainian women. This concept refers more to the behavior of a woman than to appearance. If a woman talks too loudly, likes to insert a "strong word" in a conversation, smokes, drinks on a par with men, walks with a sweeping step, waving her arms and with a hard expression on her face, it is unlikely that men will be pleased to look at her and communicate with her, even in the case if she is a real beauty. Therefore, Ukrainian ladies always watch themselves: for gait, gestures, facial expression, voice intonation.

Kryvyy Rih Nightlife

The city also has rich nightlife. If you prefer dancing then the following list of nightclubs will be useful for you:
• Madisan;
• B.P.M.;
• Forsage;
• Sky;
• Shelter;
• Club Sliffky;
• Club Monaco;
• Shot;

Strip Clubs:

• A-storia;
• Shock Topless Club;
• Zhara.

Kryvyy Rih History

The territory of modern Kryvyi Rih has long been inhabited by various tribes, as evidenced by numerous archaeological finds. There is also a series of evidence that Scythians lived on the land, which during the early Iron Age (IX - VII centuries BC) used the wealth of the Kryvyy Rih region, making a tool from the local iron ore.
The first mention of Kryvyy Rih as a Cossack winterman dates back to 1736, the first church was built in 1761, but the official day of the founding of the city is the date of the appearance of the postal station - April 27 (May 8), 1775.
The town of Kryvyy Rih, which used to differ from an ordinary small Russian village, for several years turned into a bustling town, which, in terms of landscaping, trade and abundance of life leaving behind an ordinary county town. Abd indeed, with the beginning of studying the natural resources of the region, the usual settlement turned into the largest industrial center of the Russian Empire. Work boiled, life in the town changed.
The first industrial development of the bowels of Kryvbas began in 1881. The city was covered with "iron fever". From all over the country, the poor people gathered here in search of a better life. A great contribution to the study of the bowels of Kryvoy Rog and the development of the industry of the city was made by the Russian scientist A.N. Paul. He established the joint-stock company "Kryvyy Rih Iron Ore Society" with foreign capital raised to 5 million francs, concluded several contracts with the peasant community on the leasing of land and began to conduct exploratory work with the subsequent extraction of ore by open method. See also Visiting Ukraine: Kherson – The Best Place For Tourism
Thanks to A.N. Poul, the Ekaterininskaya Railway, which connected the Dnieper and Donbas into a single transport and economic hub was opened in 1884. With the advent of the railroad, a real economic boom began. The population of the town for 20 years (1884-1913) has grown several times, infrastructure has appeared, educational institutions, theaters and libraries have opened - it was a golden time.