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» Cities » Visiting Ukraine: Tourism in Zaporizzya

Zaporizzya travel guide

Zaporizzya region is a place that has gained fame both in history and in the development of new technologies. What to see in Zaporizzya? There are many opportunities, because this land is a beckoning corner of nature and new monuments, which almost never occur here. And Zaporizzya has one of the longest avenues in Europe. Dneproges, fantastically illuminated at night. Dnieper landscapes, the island of Khortytsya, legends of the Zaporizzya Cossacks and old tales ... Unexpected street art, suddenly emerges from the shadow of some park or public garden.

Zaporizzya Tourist Attractions

Zaporizzya is a wonderful place to make a journey from the past to the present not only this legendary Ukrainian city, but also the whole region in a few days. In the local history museum you can learn a lot about the history of the city. There are frequent visitors to the exhibition.
• Khortytsya. Let's start with the pride of Zaporizzya - Khortytsya island. Khortytsya, it should be noted - this is the largest island on the Dnieper. Zaporozhskaya Sich for a long time was the center of the military strength of the Ukrainian Cossacks and the whole people; played a significant role in the liberation struggle of the Ukrainian nation. Undoubtedly, speaking of Khortyts, one can not help recalling the famous "Horse Theater", which is located in the south of Khortitsa.
• Bridges. There are two two-tier bridges across the Dnieper. The height above the water is one of the largest in Ukraine. The bridge between the Right Bank and Kichkas was long considered the longest single-arch bridge in Europe ... and then it was demolished. Another one-arch bridge connects the right bank and Khortitsa.
• Dnepro hydro power station. On the left bank there are 2 locks, one of them - the old junk. The road above them rests on high supports and constantly shudders from passing cars. Before the construction at the left bank of the Dnepropetrovsk hydroelectric power station-2, excess water constantly flowed down the concrete gutters with a roar. Now only in some years in the spring 2-3 sections are opened. On the right bank in the building with the sign "Dneproenergo" there are lattice gates opening the way to the territory of the station. Next to it, to the right of the gate, there is a good museum "Dnepro hydroelectric power station".

Zaporizzya Weather

Zaporizzya region is characterized by a flat landscape, located mainly on the Dnieper lowland, which in the south goes to the Black Sea, the south-eastern part is occupied by the Azov Upland. Along the coast of the Sea of Azov stretches long narrow sandy scythes, washed by the sea. On the territory of the Zaporizzya region there are 109 rivers, the largest of which is the Dnieper, which is an important transport artery of Ukraine, as well as the Dnieper water is provided by the region's industry, a number of reservoirs are built on it. The climate is temperate-continental, with little snowy cold winters and hot, arid summers. Natural and climatic conditions allow growing almost all agricultural crops in the Zaporizzya region, receiving high yields.

Zaporizzya Hotels

You can find all sorts of hotels, motels, apartments, hostels, etc in Zaporizzya. Also read Ukraine FAQ. The most popular among visitors are:
• Intourist Hotel;
• Soborniy Hotel;
• Royal;
• Khortitsa Palace Hotel;
• Teatralniy Hotel;
• Dream Hostel;
• Hotel SEM;
• Platinum Hotel;
• Kristina Hotel.

Zaporizzya Women

Being attractive to the stronger sex is the dream of Zaporizzya lady. What women do not do to please men: spend big money on fashionable clothes and cosmetics, visit fitness clubs and beauty salons, and even go on plastic surgery. But, unfortunately, not always such efforts of women give exactly the result, on which they counted.
Vital observations show that women from Zaporizzya have a lot of men, beginning with the youth, and ending with old age. And not always the beauty of a woman is a paramount factor of charm. Often it happens that the "gray mouse" has a beautiful and rich husband, and even a lover in addition, and the written beauty spends the evening alone.
It should start with the fact that every man has personal preferences, and therefore everyone has his own ideal of a woman: someone likes slender brunettes, and someone prefers blondes with mouth-watering forms. There are also those who go crazy from the redheads of athletic build. How amazingly beautiful a woman would be, but she is unlikely to be able to interest a man, if she absolutely does not match his taste preferences, in any case, at first sight. Therefore, every woman must find and attract "her" man, who will like exactly her type of appearance. So, every woman in Zaporizzya is really special and charming and is worth to get acquainted with.

Zaporizzya Nightlife

The Top nightclubs in Zaporizzya:
• Banana. Cocktail bar and night club. There are several halls: the main one in the club format, the deep-terrace, where deep house / indie dance / nu-disco music sounds, as well as a karaoke room.
• Jolly Roger. Art pub. From morning till evening it works like an ordinary pub, and at night a club. The institution in the pirate style is located right on the banks of the Dnieper.
• Hearth. Restaurant, cafe and night club. Live music, DJ, Pj Show, competitions from the MC are playing here. The entertainment program is more like a restaurant type than a club one.
• Hunting for clouds. House of parties. This institution has karaoke, a party bar and a summer terrace.
• Entertainment complex "Sun CITY". The institution pleases with the interior. The windows of the building overlook the Dnieper River, pleasant service, attentive and always friendly waiters.
• Dali. Party bar, karaoke. There is no entertainment program here. But there is a bar, big companies and a microphone.
• Pub "7 Dock". The pub is popular among young people, famous for rock concerts, performances of contemporary performers. The institution accommodates a small number of guests, so if you go to a concert, tables need to be booked in advance. Among the minuses - a small playground for dancing under the stage.

Zaporizzya History

The history of the development of modern Zaporizzya begins in 1770 with the appearance in the Khortitsa area of the Alexander fortress, named after the Russian general Alexander Golitsyn. After the elimination in 1775 of the Zaporizzya Sich free Cossacks, the peasants, retired soldiers began to settle around the fortress. The military settlement gradually developed, the population increased, which mainly engaged in agriculture, cattle breeding and fishing. Empty lands around the fortress were inhabited by German colonists. See also Berdyansk For Tourist. Travel Guide For Foreigners
In 1785, the Alexander fortress together with the estate received the status of an urban-type settlement and permission to open city municipal institutions. At the end of the 18th century Aleksandrovsk became significant trade and transport center of the southeast, but its population grows slowly. The change in the direction of trade routes in this region leads to a decline in the development of crafts and trade in the town. March 23, 1921 the city was renamed Zaporizzya.