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Lviv Travel Guide 2017

Lviv is a kind of cultural capital of Ukraine, and this city is a wonderfully harmonious European corner. People come here to take a walk in the center, go to museums, drink coffee, listen to numerous street musicians and get acquainted with the very rich culture of Western Ukraine. Residents of Lviv are hospitable, intelligent people who love their city very much. And most of the tourists are also fascinated by it.

How To Get To Lviv?

The Easiest way to get to this city is with the help of planes. Lviv Airport is large international airport, which hospitable receives all the guests. The city center is only 15 km from the airport. By bus number 48, you can get there from the new terminal. And from the old terminal there is a trolleybus No. 9. Travel time by public transport is 25-30 minutes, a taxi ride takes only a quarter of an hour.
Transport: Lviv has a very small city center, so that most tourists do not use public transport at all. Nevertheless, public transport is well developed, there is a network of trams, trolleybuses and minibuses. The most charming and authentic, and often the most convenient, is the Lviv tram. There are 11 routes in the city, three of which pass through the Central Square. The ticket must be composted at the entrance. Tourists often take pictures of old and modern trams running on rails laid directly on the pavement. But you must be cautious, because the movement in the center is quite lively.
In Lviv, there is an association of taxi drivers, which has uniform tariffs for moving around the city. The trip usually costs 30-40 UAH. Despite the abundance of pavers in the center, Lviv is great for moving on a bicycle. There are several rentals, as well as cycling tours.

Hotels in Lviv

Lviv is very popular with tourists city, so there are many hotels, and different price categories and service level. It is better to choose a location closer to the center, then you can enjoy the European charm of the city. In a good hostel you will be asked 200 UAH per person, a room for two in a three-star hotel is rented for 800 UAH, very popular 4 * hotels, a room in them is offered for 2000 UAH per night, and the conditions are really excellent. In addition, you can rent an apartment - this accommodation will be more modest, but it will cost only 500-600 UAH per company up to 6 people.

The most popular hotels are:

• Nobilish Hotel;
• Leopolis Hotel;
• LH Hotel&SPA;
• Modern Art Hotel;
• Jam Hotel Hnatyuka;
• Art Hotel Palma.

Lviv Weather

There’s a moderately continental, humid climate in Lviv. Winters here are quite warm and moist, often there are fogs, and summers are hot and sunny, although at times there are thunder and showers. The cloudiest weather happens in November, but August and September are the clearest months. The city center lies in the lowland, so there is almost no strong wind, but on the outskirts it almost always blows. "Lviv Mstick" - a small rain, like a spray is regularly observed weather phenomenon.

Lviv Tourist Attractions

Almost all the sights are in the Old Town. The historical center is quite small - just over 500 m in diameter, but every house here deserves attention. Read Ukraine Languages.
The heart of the city is the Old Market Square, it is a square in the center of which stands the town hall, and around the perimeter there are 44 buildings of different eras, fountains, sculptures and paving stones! The tower of the town hall can be climbed, it has a spectacular view, however, it is necessary to go on foot. Be sure to look in the Italian courtyard - a large courtyard with arched galleries.
The Opera House on Freedom Avenue is very beautiful, the monument to Taras Shevchenko, the Jesuit church of Saints Peter and Paul. On the Cathedral Square there are magnificent Bernardine monastery and the church of St. Andrew the First-Called. The religious buildings of Lviv are especially good - the church of St. Michael of the Carmelites barefoot, the Russian church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the chapel of the Three Saints is the best example of the Lviv renaissance, the Dominican Cathedral of the Body of the Lord. And the Latin cathedral of St. Mary - a rare example of the Catholic Cathedral in Lviv, mostly they are Greek-Latin.
The Kornyakt Tower is visible from every corner of the Old City, as it is higher than all other houses and belfries, and the small and gloomy Boim Chapel reveals to the guests a truly luxurious decoration inside. From museums it is worth to visit the Pharmacy Museum, the Postal Museum and the National Museum.
A separate part of the old city is occupied by the Armenian quarter with a special layout and architecture, the dominant here is the Armenian Cathedral. And the Jewish Quarter, which for many years stood in desolation, is gradually reviving, although it still requires restoration.
Outside the Old Town, St. Elizabeth's Church and the St. Jura Archcathedral are interesting, many travelers climb Mount Zamkova, where once there was a fortress, and now the park is broken and there is an observation deck. Learn Travelling To Sumy: Tourist Guide

Lviv Women

It’s possible to say that Lviv women are really special and they are the most beautiful in Ukraine. But, as a rule, men pay attention to external beauty only in youth. The older a man becomes, the more attention he pays not so much to appearance as to the personal and spiritual qualities of a woman. But, nevertheless, there are women's qualities that appeal to all men without exception and are a guarantee that the woman will necessarily enjoy their success. And the most vivid feature of Lviv women is that they are well-groomed all the time. Well-being can be equated to a synonym of beauty, since beauty and youthful freshness are by themselves fleeting, and a well-groomed woman can be up to old age. The famous Coco Chanel said: "At 20 years, a woman gives nature to a woman, and at 50 years a woman makes it herself.” That why Lviv women looks beautiful at any age.

Lviv Nightlife

When the cafes fall asleep, Lviv's nightlife awakens and, it is not inferior to the life of the day by its saturation. Most of the nightclubs and discos in Lviv are concentrated in the center of the city and the surrounding areas. However, even in a remote area of the Market massif and the suburbs, you will find at least one optimal institution for you.
Lovers of active recreation will appreciate Lviv discos. At your service are modern sets from the best DJs of Lviv, comfortable dance floors. Karaoke is an additional entertainment in many nightclubs in Lviv. Usually a separate room is allocated for it - so that no one and nothing prevents you and your friends from performing the best hits of your company. Also hookah and billiards usually go an extra line in the clubs menu.