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» Cities » Visiting Ukraine: Chernivtsi – The Best Place For Tourism

Chernivtsi travel assistant

Chernivtsi is a large cultural center of Western Ukraine, which in terms of the number of sightseeing objects is second only to Lviv. Chernivtsi is a city of history, incredible events and delightful experiences. It is called a small Paris. And it's no accident.
You will fall in love with this city at first sight. It is a small city where people of different races, nationalities and religions live together. Chernivtsi is the city of the kindest people, the most sincere discoveries and unforgettable experiences.

Chernovtsy History

Chernivtsi has really long history. The formation of cultural traditions of the city was influenced by various countries, actually the city was the part of various states. The first mention of Chernivtsi belongs to the beginning of the 15th century, the Moldavian principality, Poland, the Ottoman Empire, Romania and Austria-Hungary fought in turn, because they wanted to possess that city.
Each state has made its invaluable contribution to the development of a promising city, so, its unparalleled appearance Chernivtsi is indebted to the Austrian masters. At the turn of the 17th - 18th centuries, they built in Chernivtsi an incredible number of beautiful architectural ensembles, some of which managed to survive to our days in its original form. Thanks to the abundance of unique architectural monuments, Chernivtsi received the unofficial name "Little Paris", it is really a very beautiful and charming town with a distinctive and interesting culture
For more than 600 years, people have been saving history, architecture and traditions created at the crossroads of cultures. Moreover, the citizens believe that the colorfulness and sincerity of Chernivtsi will not leave anyone indifferent.

Chernivtsi Weather

Chernivtsi is characterized by a temperate continental climate with warm summers and mild winters. The average air temperature in summer is +19 ° C, in winter - about -5 ° C. The richest months for the precipitation are June and July, although the winter is not snowy.

Chernivtsi Hotels

The citizens of this wonderful city are hospitable and caring. Therefore, you can be sure – that your stay in Chernivtsi will be comfortable, cozy and warm as at home. The most popular hotels to stay:
• City Club European;
• Dvorik;
• AllureInn Hotel and Restaurant Complex;
• Central Magnat SPA;
• Chernivtsi Arbat;
• Leoton Hotel;
• Premium Hotel.

Chernivtsi Tourist Attractions

It is recommended to start the acquaintance with the culture and history of Chernivtsi with a visit to the Museum of Local Lore. It is located in a very beautiful and large building, which was previously occupied by the Orthodox religious foundation, here in the spacious halls are stored more than 90 thousand unique exhibits. Among them are beautiful icons, the age of which is more than one hundred years old, samples of Slavic literature, a rich collection of weapons and national clothes, as well as many other interesting artifacts.
Chernivtsi Museum of Folk Architecture and Life is a landmark of national importance. It is a large-scale museum complex, the main exhibits of which are old residential and farm buildings. Some of them are open to visitors, they’re completely restored. Read also Zhytomyr For Tourist. Travel Guide For Foreigners.
As for architectural attractions, the University is undoubtedly the leader here. It is an incredibly beautiful architectural ensemble, on the project of which the famous Czech architect J. Glavka worked. The University includes three impressive body sizes, in an incomparable appearance whose connoisseurs of ancient architecture easily distinguish the eastern, gothic and Byzantine elements. Some of the halls of the University are open to visitors, their elaborate decoration will delight even experienced travelers. It is also worth noting that the architectural complex is surrounded by a very beautiful landscaped garden, a walk along which should also become an obligatory part of the excursion.
Among the many religious attractions the most famous is the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, this architectural monument was built in the likeness of St. Isaac's Cathedral, located in St. Petersburg. The height of the dome of the cathedral is 46 meters, for many years the main frescoes remain skilful murals, on which the best Viennese painters worked. A very interesting religious monument is the Church of St. Nicholas, which locals often call a "drunken church". It received its unofficial name because of the unusual shape of the domes, which are slightly twisted, the church acquired such a unique appearance thanks to the famous Romanian architect Nanesku. In the central square of Chernivtsi there is a beautiful building of the Town Hall. It was built in 1847 and has since been used exclusively for its intended purpose.
Inspection of beautiful architectural monuments is far from being the only entertainment that Chernivtsi can offer travelers. Enter a pleasant variety in the rest will allow a walk through the city parks, the most beautiful is the park named after. T. Shevchenko. It was founded in the first half of the 19th century, it is noteworthy that plants planted in the park were brought to Chernivtsi from all over Europe. Today, the rich collection of Shevchenko Park is not inferior in variety to the collections of the famous botanical gardens of Ukraine, and beautiful fountains and sculptural compositions perfectly complement this natural splendor. The park has always very quiet atmosphere, the guests of the city often come here to feed the main inhabitants - squirrels and birds.
In cloudy weather, local residents and visitors prefer spending time in the most beautiful and large-scale shopping and entertainment center - Panorama-Chernivtsi. Opening of the entertainment complex took place in 2009, it is the location of 17 restaurants and bars, a popular bowling center, ultramodern cinema and several concert halls. In addition, an ice rink operates throughout the year and there are very cozy billiard halls, as well as a huge number of playgrounds for children of all ages.

Chernivtsi Women

Talking about Chernivtsi woman, it’s possible to say, that they combine the best features of different nationalities. They are beautiful and hospitable, they support their soul mates and respect themselves, these ladies are great housewives and carrying mothers. They are not too talkative, hypocritical, mercantile and impudent. Men all over the world come to Chernivtsi to find a love here.

Chernivtsi Nightlife

Those who prefer colorful discos and exotic cocktails will also find a suitable place to relax. One of the most popular is the night club "Astarta", it has a chic restaurant area, a bar and impressive size dance floor. Regularly there are very interesting show programs and themed evenings. Night clubs "Chile" and "Sphere" are also ready to offer visitors all the conditions for a comfortable stay, their musical accompaniment is aimed at the general public. Stylish institution is the club Egoist Palace, and the name of the club HARD-ROCK speaks for itself.