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» Cities » Visiting Ukraine: Chernigov – The Best Place For Tourism

Chernigov Travel Guide

Ukraine is very popular country among tourists. It has long and rich history, beautiful traditions and charming ladies. Visit Poltava Ukraine this is well-known and famous city, but Chernigov is not an exception. Chernigov is a city of folk tales, drowning in greenery during the summer; it was the second after Kiev in Russia. And today here there is a European spirit, despite the abundance of domes and crosses.
In Chernigov traditions are honored, and here you will find a decent national cuisine - vareniki with the most inconceivable fillings, pork legs with mushrooms, borsch with croutons and bacon. etc.

Chernigov Hotels

The list of hotels and out-of-town complexes:
• Park-hotel "Chernigov". In the Park Hotel Chernigov, the traditions of Ukrainian hospitality are harmoniously combined with technological innovations and modern standards of service.
• "Ukraine" 3 * hotel. It is located in the center of the city. Each room has a color TV with cable TV, refrigerator, telephone and Internet access.
• Hostel Leo. Rooms for 2 to 8 people. Bathroom, shower, cold / hot water in each room.
• Eco Hotel Shishk-Inn. In "Shishk-inn" there are all conditions for a comfortable stay with family and friends. The hotel was built according to the latest trends in the industry and tourism. The refined interior of the hotel will satisfy the tastes of the most demanding guests.
• "Berezki" motel. A small hotel in a park area on the northern outskirts of the city. Cafe for 20 seats, summer playground.
• Hradecky Hotel. The largest hotel in Chernigov. It is located in the center of the city, in a high-rise building. The hotel has three hundred and sixteen seats.
• "Petrova Sloboda" (the hotel-restaurant complex) is located 8 km from Chernigov.
• "Rancho club" recreation complex. VIP Club "Ranch" is located in a picturesque corner on the left bank of the Desna River, only one kilometer from the city of Chernigov.

Chernigov Tourist Attractions

Any guide will tell you: acquaintance with the city should start with Vala - the ancient princely court. It is the spiritual and administrative center of the city. It is here that the largest number of historical buildings and museums are concentrated.
Borisoglebsky Cathedral. Borisoglebsky Cathedral was built around 1123, dedicated to the heavenly patrons of the Yaroslavichy family and was conceived as an honorable burial vault. The temple costs only tens of meters from the Cathedral of the Savior. Initially, there were palace buildings between them, from which nothing remained, except for the archaeological basement. During its existence, Borisoglebsky Cathedral was repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt. Today it is a museum, concerts of sacred music are held here and two exhibitions are constantly working: "The fresco of Chernihiv temples" and "The architecture and craft of Chernigov 11-13 centuries".
Chernigov Spassky Cathedral - the oldest surviving in Russia. It was built in the 11th century by Prince Mstislav the Brave, the son of Vladimir Yasnoe Solnyshko.
Catherine's Church. This church is located on a high promontory and is separated from Vala by a ravine. It is considered a visiting card of Chernigov, although it was built much later than Borisoglebsky Cathedral- in the 18th century, on the remains of a medium-sized temple of the times of Kievan Rus. Now in the church you can see an exhibition of folk decorative Ukrainian art.
Red Square. Yes, Chernigov also has its own square, and it is also red. From the beginning of the 19th century to the present day it is the administrative and cultural center of the city. You can get to the square from the Catherine's church by the Alley of Heroes decorated with fountains. Previously, this place was called the Pyatnitsky field. The name comes from the nearby church of St. Paraskeva Pyatnitsa, built in the late 12th century.
Yeletsky and Troitsko-Ilyinsky monasteries. The emergence of both monasteries is associated with the name of the Monk Anthony of Caves. In ancient times, they were outside the city. The Eletsky Monastery, located closer to the center, includes the Assumption Cathedral, built in the 12th century, the bell tower, cells, the Peter and Paul Church and a stone fence. Also on the territory is still the only wooden structure of Cossack time - the house of Theodosius of Uglitsky (late 17th century). Known underground dungeons of the monastery did not appear until the 18th century.
There are several more historic buildings: a prison castle, built in 1803-1806, and a two-story building of the former men's school. Opposite the monastery fence, there is one more interesting place: a huge earthen embankment. It is one of the most famous ancient Russian pagan barrows - " Cherna Mogila (The Black Grave)". According to legend, the founder of Chernigov prince Cherny was buried there.
Troitsko-Ilyinsky Monastery is located on Boldina Hill (the name comes from Old Russian "bold" - oak). Historians do not exclude that in pre-Christian times on the mountain there was a temple of the Slavic god Perun. At first the monastery was a cave monastery, then a single-headed Ilyinsky church was erected there, reconstructed to the present day. Next to it is the entrance to the famous Anthony Caves - they are open to tourists. At the end of the 17th century a grandiose architectural complex led by the Trinity Cathedral, consecrated in 1695, was erected on a spacious site on the west side of the Ilinsk church. He gave the modern name to the monastery.

Chernigov Women

The main features of Chernigov women:
• Ability to understand, accept and empathize. This is not about care or custody. It's about listening, asking the right questions, showing the man that she’s on his side and will always support him.
• Presence of own interests. Independence. Borders. Chernigov girls believe that a woman should have her own territory, from which she takes emotions and brings them to the family. A man scoops emotions from a woman and spends them outside the family. Such a law of nature. If she completely sucks in to the man, his business, life, interests, the relationship will very quickly suffocate.

Chernigov Nightlife

The best places to visit in Chernigov:
• Ocean (Cafe Club);
• Aigun (Cafe);
• Nostalgia (Cafe / Art Club);
• Chicago Dance Hall;
• 777 (night club);
• 8 bit (club);
• GRADECKIY (Restaurant and entertainment complex);
• Diamond Сlub (night club);
• Wild Cat (karaoke strip club);
• 113 Party Bar;
• Paradise (retro cafe);
• Mango Voice (party bar, showroom, disco hall);
• RiverSide (restaurant - club - beach).