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» Cities » Visit Kmelnytskiy Ukraine: Travel Guide For Tourists

Kmelnytskiy city Guide for foreigners

The city of Khmelnytsky is the administrative center and the largest city of the Khmelnytsky region. Until 1954, was named Proskurov. It is located on the South Bug River.

Khmelnytsky History

Originally it was a small settlement with a wooden fortress and a guard garrison, where about a hundred people lived. At the beginning of the eighteenth century, Proskurov became a private possession of the princes of Zamoysky. After the third partition of Rzecz Pospolita in 1795, these lands are part of the Russian Empire. Relatively later, the formation of the city, the terrible fire of 1822 and being in the thick of the events of the world and civil wars contributed little to the formation of Proskurov's outstanding architectural personality.
Today Khmelnytsky is not only the cultural and administrative center of Khmelnitsky district and Khmelnytsky region, but also a place where tourists from all over Ukraine and other countries come. In the city there are many good bars, restaurants, hotels and various entertainment facilities, and the natural and climatic conditions make the rest in Khmelnitsky useful and pleasant. In addition, there are many sanatoriums and recreation centers in the vicinity of the city.

Khmelnytsky Weather

The climate is temperate-continental, with little snowy cold winters and hot, arid summers. Natural and climatic conditions allow growing almost all agricultural crops. The average temperature during the summer is +26, during the winter -6.

Khmelnytsky Hotels

Arriving in Khmelnytsky for business meetings, to friends, relatives or just for rest, we want to easily and without problems settle in hotels Khmelnitsky for the time of arrival in the city. That’s why we would like to help you with this. The prices for hotels in Khmelnytsky depend on the category of the hotel, the conditions for living, respectively, on the number of people living and the duration of stay, from the location of the hotel itself. So, on average, in the city, the cost of rooms in Khmelnitsky hotels, a double standard room with private facilities, can cost you: - per day, from 150 UAH ("Podolia") to 4000 UAH (Executive room with king - size bed "with included" royal breakfast”). So, the hotels of Khmelnitsky are ready to receive guests with different opportunities and wishes: from economy and business classes to luxury apartments.

The list of hotels:

• Tamerlan;
• Tsentralniy Hotel;
• 7 Days Hotel;
• Lube Plus;
• Astarta Inn;
• Arena;
• Monte-Kristo Hotel.

Khmelnytsky Tourist Attractions

There is one small secret: you should enjoy Khmelnytsky as a good coffee. Yes, there is no Lviv chic or Odessa humor, Kiev scale or Chernigov antiquity. But there is a fantastic beauty of the Southern Bug, the charm of the city denro park and the romantic coziness of the city center. An attentive visitor will notice that this is a wonderful city for traveling, recreation and entertainment. It just does not open its secrets quickly.
During your stay in Khmelnitsky, you can visit the regional museum of local lore, the art museum, and also the museum of the Proskurov underground is no less interesting. Relax from the daily routine will help the trip to the Drama Theater of Music and Drama. Staritsky or the mono-theater "Kut", the Philharmonic also enjoys great authority. And for small travelers, the doors of the puppet theater are always open.
In the city there are many churches and cathedrals, the most interesting for visiting and viewing - the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin, St. George's Church, Intercession Cathedral. Also it worth to take a look at the building of the Synagogue artisans.
Independence Square. There is also Independence Square in Khmelnitsky, where the regional state administration is located. Once this place was called "Lenin's Square", there was also a corresponding monument. However, all this was changed, demolished and renamed in 1991-1992.
Philharmonic. Do you want to hear "little masterpieces of great composers"? And "songs born of love"? Then go to the Khmelnitsky regional philharmonic society. If you enter the city at the beginning of spring, then you can become a guest of a big music festival - this is the unrivaled Khmelnitsky chamber fest.
Also there are some places to have a rest with children. The most famous central square of Khmelnytsky is him. Taras Shevchenko is not all that you can visit in the city over the Southern Bug. Botanical Garden of Khmelnytsky University: natural beauty Botanical Garden, owned by Khmelnitsky National University. More than 20 thousand plants grow here, among them - magnolia, tulip trees, lilies, asters, snowdrops, and also a lot of such plants that your children could meet except in the textbooks on biology.
Franko National Park. This is an old park, which is located between the streets of Franco and Proskurovskaya, as well as railway tracks. The park is well suited for leisure with children: there are playgrounds and there is an extensive recreational area.

Khmelnytsky Women

The features of Ideal Khmelnytsky bride:
• Fantasy. In leisure, sex, communication, judgments, ideas, decisions. These women pump fantasy skill as hard as possible, it's possible. They dream, put creative tasks, buy thematic literature, experiment.
• Optimism. There is a very small category of men who love martyrs. The rest do not want to wipe girl’s nose every minute because of stupidities. That’s why Ukrainian girls learn to look at the world with a smile and good expectations.
• External data are indisputably important, however, they are by no means always the main, and even more so the only criterion by which a man evaluates a woman. Great importance, and in some cases, and most importantly, have personal qualities - character, behavior, mind.
• Kindness and tenderness. It is these qualities that make a woman's beauty really attractive. But the evil and envious girls, adoring to wash away all the bones at the slightest opportunity, do not cause sympathy for the stronger sex. Not very attractive guys and girls who talk too piercing or loud voice, and even more scolding or using obscene words.

Khmelnytsky Nightlife

People, young with soul and body, prefer active rest, cheerful music and a rich night life. Therefore, among them, all kinds of night clubs are so popular (in Khmelnitsky they have more than enough), discotheques are also very popular.
Each person has his favorite places, where he constantly draws, where he comes in a noisy company or alone. All clubs in Khmelnitsky are striving to have their regular customers, their audience, which is united by a common lifestyle, the same views and preferences. That's why they create a special atmosphere, carefully work on the interior, the menu, and select music.

The most popular places to have fun:

• Storm night club;
• Sugar (Sahar) night club;
• Moda Bar;
• Vanilla Sky;
• Grammy caraoke-club;
• Butterfly;
• Faberge Club-Restaurant;
• Disco Club for adults Roza-baR.