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» Cities » Visit Dnipro Ukraine: Travel Guide For Tourists

Visit Dnipro Ukraine: Travel Guide For Tourists

Tourists coming to Kiev, first of all go to Khreshchatyk; when they come to Lviv - the first thing they do is go to the Rynok square. Arriving in Odessa, you can not walk through the legendary Deribassovskaya. What is remarkable about Dnipropetrovsk? Is this city interesting for tourists and all its visitors? What to show? What to see? Where to go? How does Dnipropetrovsk differ from other cities in Ukraine? All the answers can be found at our Travel Guide For Tourists.
Dnipropetrovsk (Dnipro) is a really special city. It has Europe's longest quay, the longest bench, even it has its own waterfall. There are many sights to see in this beautiful city. They should be seen not only by tourists, but also by every resident of Dnipro. Only here you can find a lot of romantic places to spend an evening with your loved one, there is information about the streets that everyone should know, there are monuments of architecture that will tell more about the city than even the most experienced guide; the shortest metro and the longest bench, the largest Synagogue and the smallest island – all of this can be found in Dnipropetrovsk. Every tourist falls in love with this city because of its coziness and charming atmosphere.

Dnipro tourist attractions

There are many interesting historical places in Dnipro, and nowadays it is much easier for tourists to navigate in city and its sights, as there works the tourist center at Plekhanov, 3. For convenience of tourists it works around the clock. The map of Dnipropetrovsk with the already marked cultural objects, parks, museums, shopping centers, entertainment centers and even markets is distributed there free of charge. The same cards can be found at railway stations and in hotels, but not for free. See also Travelling To Uzhgorod: Tourist Guide
Although there are a lot of interesting historical places, but Dnipropetrovsk has to present itself primarily as an industrial center. Industrial tourism is no less interesting than an historical one and it has already been proved by the example of Chicago. For six months of the existence of this type of tourism in Dnipropetrovsk, as the capital of the rocket and space industry and industrial sectors, two permanent excursions have already been established.
One of them is a free trip to the delighting plant "Interpipe Steel”, with its 5 art objects: the artificial Sun called "Dnipropetrovsk Sunrise”, a tunnel, mirrors on the wall in the shop which remind the sunset in different states, drawings on the facade of the enterprise and a 22-meter "bridge of meditation", connecting household rooms and workshops.
The second excursion is the Museum of Cosmonautics. There you can see rockets 30-40 meters long, feel like a pilot of the plane, sitting at the helm, enjoy models of life-size satellites. Taking into account the complexity of the object, excursions there are held only 2-3 times a month and only by appointment. To get on these excursions is easy, you just need to come to the center to Plekhanov, 3 and sign up. Services are free of charge.
Also in this city you can visit an ostrich farm in the village of Mayskoye, where, in addition to these amazing birds, they breed also antelopes, horses, rabbits, rams and goats.
One of the most valuable cultural heritage of the Dnipropetrovsk region is Petrikov's painting. Since recently, this small village, began to attract more and more attention. The works of Petrikov masters was noticed, and now their works are going to be included in the representative list of UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage of humanity. In this village you can also find a museum of folk art. There you can either just admire the creative works of Petrikov masters, and buy their creations and even take a master class on the mural.
It has long been a stereotype that the history of the Cossacks retained their traces only on Khortitsa. But after all, the Cossacks settled throughout the territory of the modern Dnipropetrovsk region. For example, the same Galushkovsky farm. It was founded at the end of the 17th century by Zaporizzya Cossacks, who settled in the Wild Field.

Dnipro Women

Man wants his woman to get on well with family members and close friends. She should help his parents cook and set the table, laughing at his brother's ridiculous jokes and finding common themes for talking with his friends. She will listen to the complaints and stories of his sister, who constantly has some problems with the guys. A man is pleased when a woman becomes a part of his environment. And this is the most exact description of Dnipro women. These ladies are really special and they know how to find a common language with other people. Learn also How to Adopt a Ukrainian Child.

Dnipro Weather

The climate of Dnipropetrovsk is the same as in Ukraine in general. There is warm and even hot summer and mild winter. The average temperature in summer is +27, in winter – 7. The Dnieper river influence the climate, that’s why the humidity in the city is little bit higher.

Dnipro Hotels

Nowadays most of the people prefer minimalistic style in the interior. Strict lines, ergonomic furniture, functional equipment and comfortable dishes are necessary attributes of the comfortable rest. Hotels on Dnipro are rather comfortable and modest. The hotel is the place where tourists usually stop, for a day, two or even a month, that’s why it should become a second home for them. In Dnipropetrovsk there are not so many tourists, but there are hotels, on any wallet. From a modest three-star to a chic with suites. The most popular hotels are:
• Menorah Hotel;
• European Hotel;
• Litera Hotel;
• Premier Abri Hotel;
• Tsunami Spa Hotel;
• Road Star Hotel;
• Hotel Business Apartments;
• Bon Hotel;
• Mamba Hotel.

Dnipro Nightlife

The best night clubs, bars, cafes and restaurants - there are hundreds of different places to relax in Dnipropetrovsk. Well, this is great if you have a clear idea of what is right for you: an art cafe, a bar cafe, an entertainment complex or a disco club. But if the city is new for you, and local entertainment and clubs are unknown, then the situation becomes more complicated. It is impossible to visit all night clubs, cafes and restaurants in a short time to make your own impression. We will help you. Here is the list of the best places for recreation: bars, cafes, the best clubs and other entertainment centers:
• Opera;
• Labyrinth;
• Bora Bora;
• Berlin;
• Master Shmidt;
• Play Club;
• Paris;
• RIO club;
• Bartolomeo;
• Balaton;
• Burzhuy;
• Gloss;
• Sunrise, entertainment complex;
• Cream;
• Magnet;
• Molinari;
• Greenhouse;
• Sky, Party Bar.

Dnipro History

The most legendary place in the city is the Monastery Island. At the beginning the city was called Ekaterinoslav, it had to be the third capital of the Russian Empire. The Dnieper rapids were flooded by the waters of the reservoir only in 1927. Until then, the stone barrier on the way to the Black Sea played an important role for navigation, trade, settlement formation near the river, the formation of new crafts and activities.