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» Cities » Vinnitsa Ukraine: Travel Guide For Tourists

Vinnitsa Ukraine: Travel Guide For Tourists

Vinnitsa is the administrative center of the Vinnitsa region, located on the banks of the Southern Bug River. In the city there is an airport and a railway station, and the bus service to the city of Vinnitsa is connected with the main large cities of Ukraine. Vinnitsa is an excellent weekend option for tourists all over the world. If you don’t have enough time, we advise you to do 3 things: to buy a tour to Hitler's Werewolf, to visit the manor-museum and the crypt of the great surgeon Pirogov, and in the evening go to the quay of Roshen for the enchanting light-musical show of fountains.

Vinnitsa Tourist Attractions

Alloys on the rivers of Ukraine in recent years are becoming more popular among lovers of outdoor activities, and many routes along the Southern Bug begin precisely with Vinnitsa. In the city itself there are many interesting places and attractions - museums, monuments, religious buildings, monuments of architecture. Nikolai Pirogov spent the last 20 years of his life in Vinnitsa. The talented doctor first used anesthesia for surgery, before this, the patients were simply deafened by a heavy object for short manipulations. He first invented a plaster bandage for fractures, saved Garibaldi's leg, created an ice anatomical atlas with over 1000 drawings. But the most remarkable thing is that the surgeon created a special recipe, according to which he was embalmed after death. So there is a mausoleum, where the doctor's body rests in a glass sarcophagus in a wooden church, not far from the house-museum in Vinnitsa.
The werewolf was planned as Hitler's housing, the dictator himself was there twice, with one of the visits dragged on for 4 months. The complex consisted of several floors, only one was on the surface. On the territory there was the Gestapo, a dining room, a swimming pool, apartment houses of generals and officers, Hitler's offices and 2 underground bunkers, a telephone station. Underground bunker covered with many mystical stories, which are very interesting for every visitor.
Roshen Fountain near Kemp Island is the largest floating fountain in Ukraine and Europe. The unique technology allows broadcasting 3-D video on the fountain. This is possible due to the use of a screen from an air / water mixture and a laser projector. A large-scale project, the cost of which amounted to almost 40 million hryvnia, can compete boldly even with the Dubai fountain. Learn Visit Dnipro Ukraine: Travel Guide For Tourists
In addition to these attractions, we advise you to look into the center of the city, where the original symbol of the city is located - Vinnitsa Big Ben. This is an ancient water tower with a clock, which is located next to the Memorial of Glory, where an eternal flame burns and there is a monument to soldiers.

Vinnitsa Women

Talking about Vinnitsa woman, it’s important to mention that these girls are really special. They are not just beautiful, but also have an immense sexuality. They are sexually active and know how to please their partners. Every man will be happy next to such a woman. Of course, this does not mean that these girls satisfy all the desires and whims of young man. It means that Vinnitsa woman will do all the best to make the sex unforgettable. But, it should be mentioned, that it is very important for a woman to be able to freely talk about her desires with a man.
One more special feature of Vinnitsa girls is that they are like a magnet for foreign men. This seems too obvious a sign of an ideal girl, but, nevertheless, it's important to mention this. Such a lady strive to look good not only for her man, but for herself. She is confident about her attractiveness. Guys like to feel proud of the fact that they go for the hand with the beauty. In order to charm a man, it is enough for a woman to be well-groomed and match the tastes of her partner. After all, when Vinnitsa women really love, they always want to look perfect!

Vinnitsa Weather

As in most of the territory of the Right-bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine, the climate of Vinnitsa is moderately continental. It is characterized by a long, cool summer with a sufficient amount of moisture and a relatively short, mild winter.
According to its geographic location, the region's territory is in the sphere of influence of the air masses saturated with moisture that come from the Atlantic Ocean and the peripheral part of the Siberian (Asian) anticyclone, for which dry, cold continental air masses are typical. The coldest month in the whole region is January, the warmest month is July. Under the influence of continental air masses, it sometimes happens that in winter the temperature of air on individual days decreases to -32 ° ... -38. In summer, the temperature rises to + 37 °

Vinnitsa Hotels

Hotels in Vinnitsa, located in the city center, are suitable for those who came to Vinnitsa for business purposes. You can visit your business meetings, and in the evening walk around the city and dine at the restaurant. Fans of outdoor activities and rafting along the Southern Bug often begin their route from Vinnitsa. Hotels in Vinnitsa will be your second home both before the trip and after it, waiting for the train. You can find a brief description of the hotel you like, go to the site to explore additional services, call and clarify the prices for hotel or hotel accommodation. More detailed information you can find Cost of Living in Ukraine
The most popular hotels are: Hotel Podolia, Hotel Phoenix, Hotel Strike, Hotel Versailles, Guest house, Aristokrat Hotel Complex, Feride Plaza Hotel, Hotel Autoport, Hotel Cardinal.

Vinnitsa Nightlife

In Vinnitsa there is a wide range of night entertainments. Unconventional institutions are opening, in which you can and should spend your leisure time. Night clubs
This section will be especially interesting for fans of active nightlife. Everyone is looking for something different in this way of rest, however, everyone wants to have fun in the form of an appropriate service and a pleasant environment. In the city there are places where you can have fun and stay full of fun for a long time. The most popular Vinnitsa night clubs are: Feride Plaza, Planet Fashion Bar, H2O. Karaoke Clubs: Chocolate, Carbon, Beer & Blues, Mafia.

Vinnitsa History

Some interesting facts about Vinnitsa:
• Vinnitsa was the capital of Ukraine. On February 2, 1919, the Directory of the UNR moved to Vinnitsa, because of the difficult political situation. The directory was then the highest authority of state power, therefore for a whole month Vinnitsa became the capital of Ukraine.
• July 26, 2013 Focus magazine recognized Vinnitsa as the best city in terms of living standards in Ukraine.
• The Roshen chocolate museum was opened on December 22, 2010 for all lovers of sweet caramel, chocolate, biscuits and cakes.