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» Cities » Travelling To Yaremche: Tourist Guide

Yaremche city

Yaremche is an ancient Hutsul town, located along the banks of the Prut River, surrounded by mountains of the Carpathian National Park. The town is considered one of the most environmentally friendly in Ukraine. Yaremche has never had industrial production. Since the last century Yaremche elected a place of rest for magnates from Poland and Austria-Hungary. Here you can relax all year round and at any age. Now young people come to Yaremche for skiing, rafting and hiking, older people have the opportunity to improve their health in sanatoria. The locals are friendly and hospitable, in brightly lit central streets of Yaremche you can safely walk even at night.

Yaremche Weather

In summer it is warm and cloudy: the average July temperature is + 18C, the winter is mild: the average temperature in January is -6C.

How To Get To Yaremche?

By rail to Yaremche you can get from Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv and Kiev. A recently launched high-speed rail bus route (a Europeanized type of train) delivers tourists from Lviv in 4 hours. On the highway Ivano-Frankivsk - Uzhgorod to Yaremche can be reached from the regional center of Ivano-Frankovsk – The Best Place For Tourism on the minibuses, which depart every half hour (distance 65 kilometers). In Yaremche buses come from Ternopil, Kharkov (on the road for 4 hours), Vinnitsa and Chernivtsi.

Yaremche Hotels

Yaremche is popular with tourists, so there are many hotels, and different price categories and service level. The list of the best hotels for any visitors:
• Premier;
• Hotel Complex Hyzhky;
• Vedmezha Gora;
• Hotel Stanislavskiy;
• Guest House Svitliza;
• Korali;
• Edelweiss;
• WellLand Hotel;
• Karpatski Dzherela.

Yaremche Tourist Attractions

The main reason to visit Yaremche is ski trails. The main place for skiing, of course, is located in nearby Bukovel (30 kilometers), Vorokhta, Dragobrat and Yablunits. However, you can do skiing and without leaving Yaremche - on the slopes of Mount Bagrovets.
Two ski slopes (which are more suitable for beginners) with a length of 200 and 300 meters and a height difference of 100 meters are equipped with drag lifts. At the foot of the slope you can rent skis, snowboard and sledges or you can tale an individual lessons with an instructor. At the top is a cafe, where tea, coffee and hot homemade wine are served. From the center of Yaremche to the ski lifts can be reached on foot. Also, Ukrainian food can charm any visitor of Yaremche. The best restaurant is "Hutsulshchina", located in the original building, built without a single nail. Here, surrounded by carved interiors, you can eat a lot of original dishes from mushrooms, listen to folk music. Also among the tourists prefer visiting Kolyba (traditional Transcarpathian mountain cafe with a hearth in the middle) located in the hotel "Krasna sadyba" - where at reasonable prices you can enjoy a delicious lunch in a cozy atmosphere.
In the city itself you can visit two wooden churches of the 17-18 centuries - St. John of Milostlivoy and Mikhailovskaya, as well as a museum of partisan fame Kovpak-Rudnev.
In the vicinity of Yaremche, you can walk along the Dovbush trail (the hero of Hutsul traditions - Robin Hood here), visit the cave of his name, go to the Probi waterfall and mineral springs, join the pedestrian excursion "life of the Carpathian forest" and on the way visit aviary with wild boars and deer, go on foot to the highest point of Ukraine - Mount Goverla or feel like a real beekeeper for a walk "rest and beekeeping." Hiking in the mountains to Hutsul shepherds, who live according to the customs of their ancestors and make sheep cheese by traditional methods, are invariably popular.
For a day by bus, minibus or as a part of tourist groups you can get to the Zhensky waterfall, Maniavsky skete, the old Svirzhsky and Zolochiv castles and the geographical center of Europe, located under the town of Rakhiv.
For fans of active rest, a real adventure will be a rafting along the full-flowing and rapids of the river Prut, an extreme mount-bike, quad-bike riding. A wonderful experience leaves cycling on the surrounding roads, as well as horseback riding. In winter, you can ride a horse-drawn sleigh and snowballs.

Yaremche Women

Talking about Yaremche women, it’s important to point out that they have ideal figure. And this time it should be noticed that the percentage of beauties in Transcarpathia is on average higher than in Ukraine.
In addition to the physical form of the girls are also dressed with taste, even if they go to the store for bread. This is typical for Ukraine, but multiplied by the natural beauty gives a stunning effect. The need for looking good in any situation imposes its imprint - the faces of Transcarpathian girls are a bit tense, cheerful and smiling little. Sense of humor is one more feature of Yaremche women. A girl who can not laugh at herself will soon turn into a hysterical complex. Men know this and feel it.
These girls also are perfect housewives and the can cook particularly anything you want. The Internet claims that "for whatever you marry, it will still want to eat." No one forces these women to be chained to a stove, but to be able to feed a husband and his friends is female responsibility. Men really love to eat delicious food.

Yaremche History

For the first time the mention of Yaremche appeared in 1787. The name of the settlement, according to historians, came from the name of its founder - Yarema Godovanets.
On the bank of the fleeting Prut stretched Yaremcha. History did not preserve the date of its birth, but already in 1788 Yaremcha was known as a settlement belonging to the village of Dora. In the second half of the last century, rich tourists spread a rumor about the healing properties of mountain air. Gradually, this area began to turn into a resort area. After September 1939, when the century-old dream of the reunification of Western Ukrainian lands in a single Ukrainian Soviet state was realized, the natural resources of the Carpathian region became accessible to all working people.
Yaremche received the status of a city of regional subordination. A significant number of tourists come here all year round, attracted not only by beautiful nature, healing mountain air and the opportunity to practice winter sports. Hutsuls - this is one of the brightest components of the Ukrainian ethnos, which has retained its identity to this day. Unique nature, historical and cultural monuments, peculiar traits in the culture and life of the Hutsuls always attract tourists to the Carpathians.
On December 14, 2006, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine renamed the city of Yaremcha in Yaremche.