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» Cities » Travelling To Uzhgorod: Tourist Guide

Travelling To Uzhgorod: Tourist Guide

The long colorful autumn is the best time to visit Uzhgorod, when the falling leaves create a special transparency of the air, and the local vineyards are ready for the birth of a new wine. Troyanda Transcarpathia (red dessert) and Berehovskoye (white Riesling), perhaps, are among the best drinks of the grapevine in the whole region.

Uzhgorod Weather

The climate of Uzhhorod is temperate continental, summer is hot, winter is mild as well as a climate of Zaporizzya. Thanks to the Carpathians, there are no strong cold winds, so both autumn and spring flow gently. The coldest month is January (-3 ° C), the hottest - July (+20°C).

How To Get To Uzhgorod?

By plane: The local airport takes at least one flight a day from Kiev and one a week from Budapest. By train: Trains to Western Europe in Uzhgorod do not stop, you need to get to the neighboring Chop. Trains from Lviv and Kyiv arrive at the railway station of the city.
By bus: The bus station of Uzhgorod is opposite the railway station on the southern tip of Svobody Avenue. Buses from Lviv and Chernivtsi arrive here. There are night buses from Kiev. There are international buses that connect Uzhgorod with Slovak Kosice (2 hours 30 minutes) or Prague (company Regabus).
To get to the city center from the bus and railway station you can walk for 20-30 minutes (1.5 km) or by taxi.

Uzhgorod Hotels

The best hotels for tourists:
• Old Continental Hotel;
• Hotel Kilikiya;
• Hotel Ungvarskiy;
• Hotel Uzhgorod;
• Bubky Hotel;
• Atlant Hotel;
• Zinedine Sport-Hotel;
• Hotel Praha;
• Duet Plus.

Uzhgorod Tourist Attractions

The main attraction of the city is the 9th-century Uzhhorod Castle, which now houses the Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life. This is an open-air museum with an area of 4 hectares in Uzhgorod. In addition to other exhibits, which are more than 14 thousand, the museum is well represented examples of manors and dwelling houses of the highlanders and Transcarpathians, as well as a church and a school.
Noteworthy is the Bishop's Palace (1646) and the Catholic baroque church, the elegant Town Hall (1810). The center of Uzhgorod is replete with buildings that are close in style to constructivism. They were erected in the 30's. The 20th century was designed by Czech architects.
Other attractions: local history and art museums, a botanical garden, Nevitsky Castle 7 km from the city and the Goryanskaya Rotonda - the oldest building in Uzhgorod. The history of the castle begins in the 10th century, and over the years it has been reconstructed and improved. Now on the territory of the castle, which is one of the most well-preserved medieval buildings in Ukraine, there is the Local History Museum. It is worth saying that this castle is one of 12 medieval buildings in Transcarpathia.
Corzo Street. The main tourist street of the city. Walking along the paved street you can see attractions such as the White Ship, St. George's Church, the building of the local philharmonic society.
Lime (Sakura) alley. This is the longest lime alley in Europe (2.2 km). It is located along the river Uzh along the embankments of Independence and Studencheskaya. And in the spring hundreds of sakura trees blossom on the streets adjacent to the embankments, which is now recognized as the visiting card of Uzhgorod. Uzhgorod Alley Sakur is also considered the longest in Europe.
Uzhgorod is interesting not so much for its sights, as for a unique atmosphere. From 1919 to 1945 years it was considered part of Czechoslovakia, before that time - Hungary, and later - the Soviet Union. This gave the city an unusual mixture of traditions, nationalities and cultures, because here still live Russian, remaining after World War II, Ukrainians, Slovaks, Hungarians, Germans, Jews and even Gypsies.

Uzhgorod Women

Men admire women with good manners. For most of them, it is very important that a woman knows how to behave nicely in society, and it was not embarrassing to introduce her to friends. If a woman, while in the company, interrupts her interlocutors, ruffles her man, overdoses with alcohol and does not behave like a comme il faut, then all her charm in the eyes of a man can very quickly fade. And then he will be ashamed and embarrassed for his lady. Uzhgorod Women have a perfect manners, that’s why any man will never be ashamed of the behavior of his beloved Ukrainian girl.

Uzhgorod Nightlife

Each of us wants to relax, rest, burn to incendiary music and see spectacles worthy of ovation. Uzhgorod is a unique city – the city of opportunities and pleasant surprises. For fans of night entertainment there are a number of clubs that are ready to meet your needs. And so Top 5 of the best clubs in Uzhhorod.
Club "Viper" was founded in 2007. This is a developing club, famous for an attentive approach to the client and professionalism in organizing events. Fans of such electronic musical trends as Electronica, Electro-House will find in the club "Viper" like-minded people. There are fashion shows, a variety of themed parties, discos, show programs and prizes.
The night club "Maximus" specializes in electronic music of the directions Techno, Electro, House, Minimal, RnB, Electro-Tech and Electro-House. Barmen club offers a large selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. There is a face control.
One of the brightest modern and popular clubs in Uzhhorod is the "Eila" night club. The interior of the club is made in light colors, laconic forms with ascetic design is different from the rest, creates a fabulous and at the same time, invigorating club atmosphere. The capacity of the club is 900 people. Lounge area with soft sofas and hookah bar is the highlight of this club. At the entrance there is a face control and a dress code.
The night club "Babalu" is aimed at the admirers of such modern trends of club music as Progressive, Trance, Tribal, House, Disco, Drum & Bass, Psy-trance, R'n'B, Latino, Electro-House, Pop and Progressive Trance. The club has a room for female and male striptease. Barmen offer a large selection of alcoholic beverages. Wi-Fi Internet connection, there is a bowling club and a billiard room with tables for playing in the American pool and Russian billiards.

History of Uzhgorod

Uzhgorod (former Ungvar) - Ukrainian "window to Europe", a typical border city: noisy, restless and energetic. Although here you can find some peace and quiet, for example, in the historical center or on the picturesque green embankment. Being the main center of the Ukrainian Transcarpathian region, Hungary and Romania have a huge influence on Uzhgorog, giving the city a charming Balkan flavor.
The city of Uzhhorod is the administrative center of the Transcarpathian region. It is located at the foot of the Carpathians on the winding banks of the Uzh River. According to archeological findings, the first man in the city settled in the early Paleolithic - about 100 thousand years BC. Uzhhorod is one of the oldest Slavic cities. Its history is over 1100 years old.