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» Cities » Travelling To Mariupol: Tourist Guide

Mariupol travel guide

Mariupol is a very beautiful, cozy and green city. The central avenues are full of many cultural institutions, cafes and restaurants. Nowadays the ecology in Mariupol is significantly improved, due to the closure of the coke plant, located in the city center. After the installation of new cleaning facilities at metallurgical plants, Mariupol will pretend to be the clearest city in the country. And tourist all over the world will be recommended to have a rest there.

Mariupol History

Mariupol is located in the steppe latitudes at the confluence of the two rivers Kalmius and Kalchik. It occupies the strategically important territory of the south Donbass on the shore of the Azov Sea. The year of the city foundation is 1778, when the decree of Empress Catherine II determined the settlement of Pavlovsk. Already during the first year a huge number of Crimean residents came to Pavlovsk: Greeks, seafarers and skillful traders. These settlers, mostly Greeks, in 1779 renamed the city to Mariupol (in their language - Marianopol).
Mariupol is known since the beginning of the XVI century as a Cossack fortress, but the real city was only after the resettlement in the Azov Sea of the Crimean Greeks in 1778-1780. At the end of the XIX century, the city had a railway, a new large port and metallurgical plants. In the years of industrialization, the giant plant Azovstal and many other enterprises were built here. The city survived the fascist occupation (1941-1943) and the economic recession (the end of the 20th century). The 40s of the 19th century attracted a lot of Ukrainians and Russians who liked the convenient geographical location of Mariupol, sea wealth, abundant fertility of the Azov Sea, mineral deposits, large commercial and industrial centers.
Motorways, railway, sea and air lines connect Mariupol with many small and large regions of Ukraine and abroad. This fact has a beneficial effect on the growth and prosperity of the city. Mariupol boasts its own sea trading port, airport, railway station and two bus stations.

Mariupol Weather

The local climate is temperate continental with a prolonged hot summer and a short mild winter. The area has great thermal resources with clear sunny days in the warm season. This is pretty comfortable city for living and visiting, the average temperature in summer is 25 degrees above zero, in winter – 5 degrees below the zero.

Mariupol Hotels

Mariupol is very popular among tourists all over the world, that’s why there are a lot of different hotels to stay. You can find thousands of places to live. The most popular places to stay are:
• Reikartz Mariupol;
• Hotel Santa Maria;
• Poseidon Hotel;
• Spartak Hotel;
• In Gusy-Lebedy;
• Evropeisky Hotel;
• Hotel Chayka;
• Mari Hotel;
• Park Hotel Mariupol;
• Hotel Moryak.
It is possible to choose any type of accommodations: expansive and cheap, luxury and standard, in the center of the city or close to the Azov Sea. All rooms are air-conditioned, have free Wi-Fi and satellite TV. More hotels and places to visit you can find at Visit Odessa Ukraine: Travel Guide For Tourists.

Mariupol Tourist Attractions

Holidaymakers and tourists of the city can greatly diversify their pleasant sea and land holidays, having visited the Mariupol Museum of Local History, the Drama Theater and other memorable places.

Beaches of Mariupol

The central beach of Mariupol is practically in the center of the city. The length of the beach is about 300 meters. It is sandy with a small amount of seashells. On both sides of the Central Beach are concrete piers of the port. There are benches and cabanas for changing clothes at guests' disposal on the beach. The sea here is rather shallow.
The coast of the Mariupol city is steep in many places, and the marine fauna is very rich. Sandy beach is considered to be one of the best beaches of the Azov Sea. It takes about 5 km of coastline. The beach is equipped with cabanas and canopies. For children and adults on the coast there are water attractions, cafes and restaurants. On the territory of the Sandy beach, tourists very often put their tents, receiving a lot of pleasure from the carefree life of the savage and unforgettable rest on the Sea of Azov.
Beaches in Mariupol every year give an opportunity to all guests of our city to have a comfortable rest on the Azov Sea.

Mariupol Women

Men like women who are very careful. A woman with greasy, dirty hair, stale underwear, with a shabby varnish on her nails and smelling sweat, even if she is looks like Barbie, are not interesting for men. That’s why Mariupol women know how to take care of themselves. They have beautiful make-up and take a shower at least twice a day.
Moreover these girls know what is self-respect and self-love. The law of psychology says: only those who love and respect themselves are respected and loved by other. To love and respect yourself is not at all to be a selfish person. Mariupol woman who loves and respects herself, knows her own worth, never compares herself to other women, does not envy, and accepts herself as she is, including both merits and demerits. Such a woman does not humiliate others, but she will never allow anyone to offend her.
One more feature of Mariupol women is flirtatiousness. The ability to flirt imitate men in women on a subconscious level, because it gives the woman that elusive charm, which is called "a highlight". Flirting, a woman uses the ancient language of the world as a non-verbal language: facial expressions, looks, gestures that simply drive men crazy.

Mariupol Nightlife

Every weekend, guests of the city and young people ask themselves where to have fun, dance and relax in a good company with pleasant music. The choice invariably falls on parties in nightclubs. They are always diverse and creative, they keep pace with the times, and also the most fashionable youth of the city gather here. All night clubs in Mariupol every week offer new entertainment.
Everyone tries to entice the audience with something special and bring a zest to their institution: fashionable DJs, popular bands, a variety of show programs. On the site of every club after each party there are photos on which you can find yourself and your friends. Also nightclubs in Mariupol are located in the directory of enterprises. It lists the full list of the city's establishments. Almost every club has its own website. There you can find the maximum information about the club: addresses, services, menus, entertainment programs and more. This information will help any reader to compose his own rating of the city nightclubs. The list of clubs:
• Vintage;
• DiVan Café;
• RedCup Café | RDCP Lounge Karaoke;
• Barbaris Club;
• Imperial;
• Extreme Club;
• PurPur show-bar.