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Travelling To Lutsk: Tourist Guide

Lutsk is one of the most beautiful ancient cities of our country, the administrative heart of Volyn region and a wonderful place for interesting excursions and unforgettable trips. In its beautiful expanses you will see charming architectural monuments, embodying the culture of many nations. The warm and bright atmosphere of the city and its medieval charm are dipped in a pleasant pacification and tranquility. Our guide to Lutsk will help make the rest interesting, simple and comfortable. We offer to understand what to visit, where to refresh yourself and where to stay in beautiful Lutsk. Also we offer you to read Ternopol For Tourist. Travel Guide For Foreigners

Lutsk Weather

There’s a moderately continental, humid climate in Lutsk. Winters here are quite warm and moist, often there are fogs, and summers are hot and sunny, although at times there are thunder and showers.

Lutsk Hotels

Lutsk is a popular tourist city, so you will not have problems with accommodation here. We recommend to take care of booking rooms in advance. So, we offer to consider 5 interesting options for living in a charming old town.
• Hotel and restaurant complex "Kolobok";
• Hotel "Power House”;
• Hotel and restaurant complex "Zelenyy Guy”;
• Hotel "Kedem";
• Hotel Ukraina.

Lutsk Tourist Attractions

Many of Lutsk's attractions are concentrated in the central historical part of the city. In its picturesque and beautiful streets you will be genuinely delighted by the majestic architecture of religious buildings, such as the Protestant church, the synagogue and many others.
1. The castle of Lubart. Lubart castle in Lutsk is considered one of the most ancient buildings of Ukraine, built in the Gothic style, which have reached the excellent state to the present day. This is a majestic fortress building that evokes delight with its power and grandeur. The castle includes three towers.
2. Monument to St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas from time immemorial is the patron saint of the city of Lutsk. The monument in his honor is decorated with a square near the city hall. At the monument by tradition it is customary to make the most secret desires, touching the leg of the figure. They say that such desires are necessarily fulfilled.
3. The Lutheran Church in Lutsk is a temple of evangelists, built in the beginning of the twentieth century for the local Lutheran community. It is one of the most colorful and spectacular buildings of the city. Its huge neo-Gothic spire pierces the sky, creating a special look, completing the architectural appearance of the historic heart of Lutsk.
4. House with chimeras. Probably the most unusual construction of the city is the unique in its architecture House with Chimeras, whose owner is an outstanding sculptor of modern times Golovan. It was erected on the beautiful bank of the Styr River and ennobled with a variety of stone sculptures and statues representing different architectural styles. On the house you can contemplate the beautiful figures of fairy-tale heroes and mythical characters.
5. The brewery in Lutsk was founded in 1888 by a brewer from the Czech Republic. Later, his wooden building was burnt in the fire, and a few years later he was rebuilt in stone. The maximum productivity of the plant was observed in 1913. Several types of beer were brewed in its walls: "Granat", "Sakura", "Bok-Beer". Currently, the factory produces beer "Zeman"
6. The Volyn Icon Museum is the school of Volyn iconography. The collection of the museum is associated with the name of the outstanding art critic P. Zholtovsky. Here, in front of your eyes, you will see over one and a half thousand masterpieces of sacred art, amazing icons, elegant sculptures.
7. Volyn Museum of Local Lore. The Local Lore Museum in Lutsk is the largest and oldest of the current museums in Volyn region. It was founded in 1929. In a modern building in the central part of Lutsk it has been operating since 1985. The museum exposition includes about 140 000 exhibits, telling about the natural, historical wealth, art and ethnography of the Volyn land.
8. Lesya Ukrainka Central Park is a picturesque place for recreation by family or a friendly company. Here you will be met by well-groomed green alleys, children's attractions, cozy gazebos, shady trees, many cafes and entertainment corners.
9. The Pharmacy Museum in Lutsk is notable for its interesting history and the fact that the local buyer was Lesya Ukrainka herself. The pharmacy was built in the end of the 18th - early 19th century.
10. Lutsk Zoo is small, but quite interesting for recreation with children. It is located in the picturesque park named after Lesya Ukrainka. Here you and your baby will see representatives of forty-two species of fauna.

Lutsk Women

Lutsk women are very smart, but they try not to show their superiority over the guy, do not constantly put him in a stupid position, but she doesn’t talk silly things. Lutsk women listen to the interlocutor, show sincere interest in what he says. Surround man with care, respect his opinion and understand him. If a man sees that a woman really loves him, it makes her the most beautiful creature on the planet in his eyes. Lutsk women believe that a woman should have her own territory, from which she takes emotions and brings them to the family.
One more special feature of Lutsk girls is that they are like a magnet for foreign men. This seems too obvious a sign of an ideal girl, but, nevertheless, it's important to mention this. Such a lady strive to look good not only for her man, but for herself. She is confident about her attractiveness. These women know how to take care of themselves. They have beautiful make-up and take a shower at least twice a day.

Lutsk Nightlife

Guest and citizens of the town prefer to have a great rest not only during a day, but also at night. That is why there are a lot of night clibs there. The most popular are:
• Cube club. Cube is the perfect figure in the night life.
• Night club "Versailles" is modern music, as well as music 70x - 80x - 90x. In early summer, the club opened a renovated second floor.
• Nightclub "HOLLYWOOD" is an institution for successful people who know how to choose the best things.
• "Opera dance club" - the largest night club in Volyn region.