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Travelling To Kharkiv: Tourist Guide

Kharkiv is a very interesting city in the east of Ukraine and the first capital of Ukraine. All the latest information about the life of the city you will always find on the site of Kharkiv - there you will find the latest news, current reference book, interesting publications and an eventful poster of the city.
You can get to Kharkiv in three ways. By plane, train or bus. The city is well-developed infrastructure, and wherever a tourist comes, he can get to the center without problems. From Kharkiv airport to the main attractions you can get by bus, trolley or by taxi. From the railway station and bus station - by metro. Read also Driving a Car in Ukraine

Kharkiv tourist attractions

Freedom Square. According to the publication "Top 10 places to visit in Kharkiv", the first thing to go is the Freedom Square - one of the largest in Europe. Here there are two more places of interest - the Kharkiv National University named after Karazin and the building of State Industry.
The "Landau - Center" operates in the university. This place is interesting for people indifferent to physics, and just curious tourists. There is also a park named after Shevchenko in the square. There are also many good cafes where you can have a snack. Another attraction, in this area is the Kharkiv Zoo.
Sumskaya street. Freedom Square connects with Sumskaya street - one of the largest in the city and also rich in attractions. If you walk along this street from the metro station "University" to the station "Historical Museum", then there are also a lot of interesting places to see: Mirror stream (one of the most unusual fountains), Kharkiv Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, beautiful buildings with old architecture, theater named after Shevchenko.
Constitution Square. From Sumskaya Street you can go to the Constitution Square, where the historical museum, the puppet theater, the Pokrovsky monastery with the 17th century church, is located.
Rymarskaya Street. Rymarskaya street is located parallel to the Sumskaya street. There you can find the Academy of Culture and the highest temple in Kharkiv the Annunciation Cathedral. You should also walk along Poltava Shlyah street, which also strikes with its architecture. It is recommended to visit the Novobavarsky district, namely: the railway station "Novaya Bavaria", the Ascension church, schools No. 115, 39, the cultural and business center "Bavaria" and a nearby public garden, Musorgsky Music School. Also it is advisable to drive in the Kharkiv metro, you will find the scheme here, some stations are masterpieces of architectural thought. It is especially recommended to visit the stations - Pushkinskaya, Armeiskaya, Architect Beketova, Sportivnaya, Gosprom. Near the station "Sportivnaya" is the stadium Metallist. Learn Welcome To Kryvyy Rih Ukraine: Travel Guide For Tourists
Gorky Park and others. It will also be interesting to visit the park named after. Gorky, in the botanical garden, the Feldman eco-park, the Drobitsky Yar.

Kharkiv Nightlife

In Kharkiv you can relax with friends both in a casual art club, and in a pretentious glamorous restaurant. One of the most popular places is the cafe "Lampshade" in a cozy courtyard on the Sumskaya street. Dishes of world cuisine, fresh homemade pastries, exquisite decor - this is an ideal place for culinary aristocrats.
Fans of French cuisine are advised to visit the restaurant Paris (Petrovsky Street), where there are six different gastronomic halls. Nearby you can find the 24-hour art café "Cow". This is a cult place where you can listen to the best Kharkiv musicians. Every Saturday here is the traditional musical WeekEndLive. A mixture of funk, jazz and blues, the best pop and fatal hits will create a relaxed atmosphere of a musical holiday. Entrance is free.
Another place where you absolutely will find a good mood and peace of mind is the Jazzter restaurant-club. Always a successful concert program, friendly staff and a huge selection of cocktails - what else do you need for a real holiday?
If you want to become part of the club hangouts of Kharkiv, the best option is the Panorama Lounge. This is the only institution in the city with a panoramic view, located in the heart of Kharkiv on the roof of a new business center.

Kharkiv Women

You'll never meet a man who has changed his mind and decided to change his behavior due to the fact that his beloved constantly yells at him. The only thing he can decide to do is to part with such a woman. Kharkiv girls know this and therefore wisely choose reasons for claims. They feel, when it is necessary to show discontent, and when it is better to stand and keep silent. Nevertheless, if a man wanders around the night, not wishing at least to warn her, even an ideal girl has every right to throw a scandal. But endless quibbles do not correspond in any way to the image of the most desired and beloved Kharkiv woman.

Kharkiv Hotels

Apartments in Kharkiv can be chosen for every taste. If you have a limited budget, we offer "Hostel on Zalesskaya". It is located in a new 15-storey house, from the spacious windows you can see both new buildings and the historical part of the city. For fans of coffee and cigarettes there are two spacious loggias. Those wishing to work will be able to work in the hostel working in business rooms with computers and free Wi-Fi.
If you prefer comfort and tranquility, then you should like the White House apartment in the elite district of Kharkiv along Sukhumskaya Street 24. This is luxurious three-room apartments with a kitchen-studio and two bathrooms.

The most popular hotels:

• City Club;
• Asotel;
• Kiroff Hotel;
• Complimente Guest House.

Kharkiv History

It was the size of Germany and had access to the sea. Today this region is comparable in area to such European countries as Belgium and Albania. But there was a period in history when Kharkiv was the center of a much larger territory.
The first USSR skyscraper was built in Kharkiv. Now nobody will call the Gosprom a skyscraper. The height of the State Industry Committee is 63 m, and together with the TV tower installed in 1955 (by the way, one of the first in the USSR) - 108 m.
Kharkiv was considered the capital of science. Three Nobel laureates lived in that region at different times.