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» Cities » Ternopol For Tourist. Travel Guide For Foreigners

Ternopol Travel Advice

The picturesque town of Ternopil is located on the river Seret and is one of the largest settlements of Western Ukraine. It was founded in the 16th century as a fortified city, designed to protect the Polish lands. The founder of the ancient city was Hetman Ian Tarnovsky, whose name the ancient city owes its name. The history of the city is full of interesting events, at different times it passed under the management of Russia, Austria and Poland, which affected the formation of its cultural traditions.

Ternopol Hotels

Great interest is shown by travelers to the issue of comfortable accommodation during their stay in the glorious city of Ternopil. To get acquainted with this picturesque Ukrainian town it will take at least a couple of days, so the place of residence is obliged to supplement the overall picture of impressions. In Ternopil the tourist infrastructure, hotel business in particular is very developed. Each tourist will be able to choose for themselves the option in accordance with their tastes and financial opportunities.

The best places to stop:

Hotel "Globus", - employees of this hotel promise their visitors high-quality service, while promises are actually embodied in professional service and creating the most favorable conditions for spending time in this hotel complex. The hotel is located in the business part of Ternopil, five kilometers from the city center, auto and railway stations.
• Hotel "Yukhnovich", - this complex is created for those people who are accustomed for luxury life. Here there is an atmosphere of wealth. To the clients' services there are cozy rooms of the luxury class two or four rooms with all conveniences.
• Hotel "Zlagoda" - this wonderful establishment is located three kilometers from the city, in an ecologically clean area, which makes recreation here really useful and comfortable. The choice of visitors is offered a wide range of rooms in the amount of 51. Flexible price policy, cozy location, professional level of services provide the hotel a wide fame among residents and visitors of the city.
• Hotel «Pallada», - hotel and restaurant complex is located on the bypass road, in five minutes drive from the center of Ternopil. The hotel provides 24 cozy rooms, which have everything you need for a comfortable stay. Each of them has air conditioning, satellite TV and free internet access. Also on the territory there is a lobby bar, where you can taste international cuisine and a variety of cocktails, free car parking.

Ternopol Tourist Attractions

Ternopol is a small city on Western Ukraine, very cozy and very cozy. There are no grandiose architectural structures, fortified complexes or luxury parks. At this place there is a lot of interes places, monuments and temples. The most spectacular architectural ensembles are located in the central part of the city, which today is almost entirely at the disposal of pedestrians. A walk through the center of Ternopol will become a real journey into the past, because in the last hundred years the appearance of the picturesque streets has not changed.
• Firstly, unconditionally, one of the main is the monument to the opera singer, known throughout the world, Solomy Krushelnitskaya on Shevchenko Boulevard. It seems to be the most beautiful monument in the city.
• Secondly, you can not go past the monument of the "occasionally meeting", located on the Shevchenko Parkway. There you will be greeted by cossacks from the cartoon with a spoon.
• The monument to the plumber.
• To experience the atmosphere of the city, it is recommended to go to the Ternopol lake. There you can find islands of lovers - a romantic place for couples.

Ternopol Women

To be attractive to the opposite sex, Ternopol women constantly develop themselves, have own hobbies, make their life rich and interesting. They read a lot, are aware of what is happening in country and in the world as a whole.
These women have their own style. They emphasize all the dignity, and never look vulgar. They never forget to monitor the appearance: nails, hair, skin. Ukrainian women make time for a visit to the fitness center or at home. They know how to hide anger especially in the presence of a man. These girls are gentle and sensitive and don’t accept rudeness. Learn also Visiting Ukraine: Ivano-Frankovsk – The Best Place For Tourism

Ternopol Nightlife

Fans of active and noisy entertainment in Ternopil are presented with a worthy choice of suitable places for rest. In the city there is an excellent water park "Limpopo", you can try its many attractions at any time of the year.
Adult guests will love the real Turkish bath, at any time, vacationers can leave the water park and find themselves another suitable entertainment. In the center of "Alligator" there is an excellent bowling center, a billiard room and a modern fitness club, and gourmets will enjoy the presence of an upscale restaurant. In the evenings, there is an excellent disco club in the entertainment complex.

The best places:

• Amsterdam, Entertainment complex;
• Pub "Patrick";
• Riverpool, night club;
• Disco Club "Bomb";
• Allure – nightclub.

Ternopol History

One of the oldest structures that have survived to this day is the Old Castle. In 1540, the Polish King Sigismund I issued a letter to the Cracow caster, Jan Amor Tarnowski, to establish the city and own the land around it. The construction of the fortress on the bank of the Seret in Sopilce (Topilche) lasted eight years. In addition to the Old Castle, Nadprudnaya Church was preserved, which was built in the early XVI century, on the foundation of an ancient temple, which history reaches the times of Kievan Rus. The building is a three-lobed temple without domes.
The second church, the Nativity of Christ was built 4 August 1608 under the leadership of the well-known mason Leontius. In 1636 the wooden Monastery Church (Assumption) was erected. Over time, in 1836, a new church was built on this site, which was located in the Mikulenets part of the city. The premises of this church were destroyed in 1962, in our days it was rebuilt by parishioners.
In 1918, the city was captured by the Germans. In Soviet times, sister cities were Sliven and Penza.